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    A Tradition of 2000 Years

    In the early days of Christianity it was traditional for the remains of Christians to be laid to rest in the church itself.  As time went on and the space was filled, cemeteries were established on property surrounding the church.  These ancient customs lasted until modern times.  They are rooted in a sense of the people of God to bury loved ones nearer to the Lord and those with whom they worshiped.  St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is pleased to be able to continue this sacred tradition with our Memorial Garden.



    At death, we "lay aside the burden of the flesh" as we enter into our true homeland, the Kingdom of Heaven.  The material body that we leave behind must be reverently disposed of, but without undue emphasis on its importance.  While the traditional custom of burial in a coffin remains an option that many will choose, others will opt for cremation.  Cremated remains must still be treated in a dignified way that honors the deceased.  The Memorial Garden is a beautiful way of doing so. 

    With cremation, expenses are kept to a minimum.  The ashes are placed in a simple, concrete box for interment in the garden.  After the interment a simple name plaque with dates of birth and death are affixed over the box.  The garden itself also becomes the memorial to those we love. 

    The Memorial Garden will be maintained by the church in perpetuity.  Memorial gifts are gratefully accepted for its maintenance or for other purposes approved by the rector.